How To Play

Lotto 469 (also called Big Lotto) is one of the lotteries in Taiwan. The game has forty-nine balls numbered 1 to 49 from which six are randomly selected and one extra number. You win if you match the right combination of winning and extra number with your entry.

Winning Combinations

To win a prize you need to get at least three of the winning numbers or two of the winning numbers and the extra number from 49 in any one game.

Division What you need in one game to win
16 winning numbers
25 winning numbers + extra number
35 winning numbers
44 winning numbers + extra number
54 winning numbers
63 winning numbers + extra number
72 winning numbers + extra number
83 winning numbers

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Buy Ticket In Taiwan

Lotto 649 can be purchased from one of the authorised outlets using the following methods:

  1. Fill in the lottery card.
  2. Speak to the salesperson directly.
  3. Download the official app from Google Play or iTunes App Store. Select your numbers and generate a QR Code from the app which you can present the code upon ticket purchase.

To find a local Lotto 649 outlet, please visit:

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