How To Play

Powerball guarantees a minimum division one prize pool of $3 million every Thursday and can jackpot to $50 million or more, Powerball could give you the power to change it all.

Playing Powerball is easy! 6 balls are drawn from 40 balls numbered 1 to 40 from the first barrel and 1 Powerball is drawn from 20 balls numbered 1 to 20 from the second barrel.

Powerball is drawn Thursday nights and is broadcast at approximately 9:40pm on Channel 7TWO (check your local TV guide).

Winning Combinations

To win a prize you need to get at least two of the winning numbers from 40 and the powerball in any one game.

Division What you need in one game to win
16 winning numbers + the Powerball
26 winning numbers
35 winning numbers + the Powerball
45 winning numbers
54 winning numbers + the Powerball
63 winning numbers + the Powerball
74 winning numbers
82 winning numbers + the Powerball

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Buy Ticket In Australia

To play Powerball you can mark your own numbers from as little as AUD$3.70 (minimum 4 standard games), play a QuickPick and let our system choose a set of numbers for you (QuickPicks start from AUD$11.15 for 12 games) or play a Favourite (numbers that you have saved to your Tatts card or Online account). These options are available to buy online now or at your local Tatts Outlet.

To buy a ticket online, please visit:

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